No more suffering, Rick is in Heaven

Our great brother, Rick Denney went home to be with Jesus early Sunday morning, March 11.

Those of you who have been around Love In Action for the past decade know, or know of, Bro. Rick. He was a huge part of Love In Action.

Bro. Rick was as big of a part of Love In Action as Martha and me.  He was our site manager, but so much more. He was our evangelist. Everywhere Rick went, he told people about Jesus. I miss hearing Rick say the name of Jesus.

Rick became part of LIA when I met him in the parking lot of LIA's old home next to the Piggly Wiggly. He wanted to know what was going on inside, so I invited him in. Little did either of us know what that was leading to.

Rick was homeless at that time and struggling in life. He was living in a tent in the woods. I had no idea he was watching us to see if we were real about loving Jesus and others. He said we looked like a church, but didn't act like one, because we were doing what Jesus said to do.

Through the love he received at LIA, he started turning back to God. Rick said the love he saw and felt at Love In Action turned him back to God.

Tragedy happened one Friday night when Rick was hit by a freight train. He called me that Saturday morning.

I rushed to the hospital and Rick was in horrible shape as you might imagine.  But Rick looked at me as he held my hand and said, "Brother Ken, the old Rick died under that train. The new Rick is here." That was the truth. Rick never wavered from his faith in Jesus from that point.

Rick was told he would never walk again, but God had different plans. One night in his hotel room, God healed Rick and he started walking and never stopped. God took him to Atlanta and Baton Rouge on domestic mission trips, and to Africa and Haiti for international mission trips.

From homeless to an international missionary, only God could do that. Rick was an incredible man. He was more than a friend. He was my brother and ministry partner. God used us together too many times to count to lead people to Jesus. I miss him. I miss those times.

Rick battled cancer for nearly two years. He suffered greatly, but through it all he didn't complain and said what he always said, "All is well."

All is well for Rick now as he is in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

He made it home. He finished the race, and he finished it well. There will never be another Rick Denney, and I look forward to seeing him in Heaven. I know Jesus said, "Well done my good and faithful servant, when He welcomed Rick home. I love Rick, and his life will always be an inspiration to me to keep on lifting up the name of Jesus.

Rick always said, "Lift up the name of Jesus and He will draw all people unto Himself." Rick did that faithfully. Let his life inspire us all to tell everyone we meet about Jesus. It will make an eternal difference. Rick believed that, he lived that. Nobody did it better.

Please keep his precious wife, Martha, and their family, lifted up in prayers. And, please keep his Love In Action family in your prayers as well.


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