Roof Update: 'Only God was holding that roof on'

The roof work began at Love In Action last week. The crew from Apaxx started on the roof on our two-story building, and what they found was a mess.
As they pulled the sheets of metal up, they discovered rotten wood that was crumbling. Due to all of the leaks, the frame had rotted away. Another problem with the roof is the way it was built the rain water ponds up in some areas.
Apaxx decided to tear all of the framing out and build a new frame, and then build the new roof. They are being a great blessing to us, as well, as they are not charging us extra. Tom, one of the owners, said it was part of their way of helping the ministry.
They are going to build it back right, and when it's finished we won't have to worry about leaks or if the roof will blow away. We are thankful for Apaxx's honesty. They could have said nothing and covered it up, but they didn't. May God bless them for doing things the right way and being a blessing to us.
When talking with Tom about the roof he …

Roofing project underway

We have prayed and waited a long time for this moment, and praise be to God the time has arrived. Our roofing project is underway! We have battled leaks throughout our buildings for years, but haven't been able to do anything other than patch the roofs.

This week the first phase got underway, which is replacing the roof on our two-story building over suites 5 and 7. The second phase will be replacing the roof on our one-story building, which includes suites 1,2 and 3. Suite 2 is our office and suite 3 is the Samaritan Clinic.

The total cost of both phases is $52,000. We have raised $18,000, so we only need $34,000 to complete the project. Please help us. This is an extremely important project. We want to protect and preserve all of the work we have already done to the inside of the buildings, and replacing the roofs will do that.

Protecting the remodeling and improvements we've already done inside, as well as the medical equipment and supplies in the Samaritan Clinic is a must. W…

Mobile Kitchen/Food Trailer Ordered

We are thankful and happy to announce the Love In Action Mobile Kitchen/ Food Trailer has been ordered. Thank you to those who gave to make this a reality. We are so excited! The drawing of the food trailer is pictured with this post. We will post photos of the actual trailer when we pick it up next month. With the mobile kitchen, we will be able to serve hot meals to the homeless and those in need where they live, and also provide bags of groceries to those living in poverty. Most importantly, this will provide more outreach opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They will come for food, and they will also be presented with the "Bread of Life." The trailer is paid for in full! Praise God and thank you to everyone who gave. When we get the trailer next month, we will have about $5,000 worth of work to add to it to bring it completely up to health department codes and wrap it with the Love In Action logo. The kitchen suppression system is accounts for most of that …

From Homeless to A Restored Life

Check out this powerful testimonial video.

Jameson LaFountain became homeless in Dothan, Alabama, more than 1,300 miles from his home in Update New York. He was already separated from his wife and family, and now he was stranded and homeless in Dothan. He decided to totally surrender to Jesus Christ, and transformation began. Within eight months, God restored Jameson to his wife and family. In this testimonial video, Jameson explains how God took him from homless to a restored life.

Love In Action's Mobile Kitchen to fight hunger in Dothan

We are raising funds to purchase a food trailer/mobile kitchen, similar to the one pictured above, to fight hunger in Dothan. We serve almost 200 meals a week to our homeless and needy friends who come to Love In Action. However, there are many more who cannot make it to our ministry center, so we need to go to them. That's what we will be able to do more effectively and efficiently with this mobile kitchen.

This will allow us to provide hot meals to the homeless and needy throughout Dothan, inside and outside the Circle.

There are more than 400 homeless people in Dothan, and food is their second most requested need, second only to shelter.

There are also thousands of people who are food insecure, meaning they lack reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. In fact, 1-in-6 people in the Wiregrass are food insecure. Of that number, 1-in-7 are senior citizens and 1-in-4 are children.

We would contend those numbers are higher in the inner city as we have see…

Help us fill the need of transportation

The first church, which we read about in Acts had faults, not unlike today's Body of Christ. Where there are people, there will be imperfection. As the saying goes, if you find a perfect church, leave, because you will mess it up.

One of the many things the first church did get right was taking care of each other. In fact, in Acts 4:34, we read, "There was not a needy person among them." Wow! Did you read that correctly? "There was not a needy person among them." If one person or family was in need, others took care of those needs.

We have a major need at Love In Action that the Body of Christ can help fill. It is a vital need. As we minister to the homeless, our main goal is to bring them to Jesus and make disciples. The outcome is the homeless coming off streets, because they realize Jesus has a plan in their lives. They start making better decisions, because they are looking at things from God's point of view instead of their own or the world's.

That le…

Jesus is the answer to homelessness

Tears streamed down his young, but weathered face, as we prayed for him in front of the former Winn Dixie store on the south side of Dothan. 

Standing in front of a hotel room at the Adams Inn in Dothan, tears flowed from the eyes of a young pregnant woman as we prayed for her.

The tears come from thankful hearts, but those hearts are also filled with hurts, disappointments and frustrations. The thankfulness is for people who care enough to provide them with food and pray for them. The hurts, disappointments and frustrations are there for a myriad of reasons. Hurts from family members and friends. Disappointments from bad decisions and not being in life where they thought they would be at this point. Frustrations from the struggles to make it out of homelessness.

There are basically two kinds of homeless people. One group wants out. They just need help. The other group is comfortable where they are right now. They don't want responsibilities and/or think this is as good as life gets.…