Launch of food trailer a great success

I'm always excited about a ministry opportunity at Love In Action, but this past Saturday the level of my enthusiasm and expectation rose higher and higher as the day approached. A long-awaited prayer request had been answered and was about to be launched. Saturday was the maiden voyage of our new food trailer.

God has blessed us with a beautiful, well-built food trailer that we will use to reach thousands of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through acts of compassion. Those acts will be providing food for those who don't know where their next meal is coming from. Imagine being hungry and wondering where and when you will eat again and a pickup truck pulling a trailer pulls up. The side of the trailer goes up and people are handing you food from that trailer. You would have no doubt that God has not forgotten you.

That happened Saturday as we used the food trailer for the first time.

We started the day by serving BBQ sandwiches from the trailer at Love In Action. I want…

God, give me eyes to see them as You do

As I dropped a homeless couple off at their campsite recently, tears filled my eyes. They were thankful for all of the help they received at Love In Action, and the prospects of a job for him added a spark of hope to their lives as well.

We have known this couple for a while. Like many others, we share the Gospel with them every time we see them, and help them with their physical needs. They are thankful. Still, my heart goes out to them and all of the others.

The homeless are survivors. They are better equipped to handle living conditions when disaster strikes than most of us, because they are already living in that kind of situation. When we receive materials for disaster relief it’s perfect for the homeless. They know how to eat a MRE. Snack boxes? We hand them out daily. Flashlights, batteries, tents, sleeping bags, bug spray, bottled water ... that’s a way of life for our friends.

As I took the photo above, my heart hurt. I’m thankful it did. I prayed and asked God to always let…

Convoy of Hope delivers blessings

Sometimes God answers prayers quickly. With the Southeast Alabama Homeless Coalition (SEACH) Homeless Stand Down fast approaching on Nov. 3, we are in need of a lot of supplies.
Today, God answered prayers by sending a truck load of supplies from Convoy of Hope. They blessed us with hygiene items, chips, Cheez-its, wool blankets and water ... lots of water. In fact, so much water we aren't asking for any more water for the stand down.
Wiregrass 2-1-1 Executive Director David Duke and I were all smiles as we unloaded the truck. We greatly appreciate the men from The Ark for helping unload the truck.
Convoy of Hope also blessed Love In Action with some medical supplies, such as aspirins, vitamins, back braces and more for the Samaritan Clinic.
Convoy of Hope is the third largest disaster relief organization in America. Because of they are faith based and are so well organized, they are my favorite. According to their website, since 1994, they have done incredible work, including he…

Homeless Stand Down Needs Your Support

Every time there is a need, our community responds. That's a big reason why I tell people all around the world that Martha and I live in the greatest city in the world. Your hearts are to help those who are hurting.

The response to the Hurricane Michael disaster from Dothan and the entire Wiregrass has been incredible. Everywhere you look churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals are collecting needed items to help those suffering in Florida, Georgia, and right here in our home county of Houston County.

Teams of people are showing up in heavy hit areas with chainsaws and all of the necessary equipment to help cleanup the devastation left by Hurricane Michael. I'm not surprised, though. I knew our people would respond in these ways.

While you continue to help those in the disaster areas, please remember those who have come to Dothan seeking help. We have already seen an influx of new homeless people in Dothan. They weren't homeless prior to Michael, but after th…

When the homeless encourage you

I shared Matthew 6:33 this morning with our homeless friends at Love In Action. I talked about how Martha and I see people in Third World countries who rely totally on God. They don't have a Love In Action to go to for food and clothes. They do what Jesus says and seek Him first, knowing God will take care of all of their needs.

I like to engage people when sharing the Gospel, and today they really responded. As we talked about Hurricane Michael and how God protected us, one homeless woman raised her hand and asked if she could say something.

She said her and her husband were standing outside of Winn Dixie not knowing where they were going to go to get out of the storm. Then another couple pulled up and asked them if they wanted to work to help them board up some storefront windows. They needed the money, so they went and did the job.

They were asked where they were staying, and they replied they didn't know. They were invited to stay with the people who gave them work. They …

Acts of compassion make a difference

We see people hurting for different reasons daily. Our goal is to show them Jesus and His great love. A Florida hurricane victim experienced His love Thursday night at Love In Action

During the Samaritan Clinic, a woman hobbled through the doors on a crutch with a 5-year old boy in tow. It turns out she suffered a leg injury when her house in Lynn Haven, Fla., collapsed during Hurricane Michael. She lost everything. She came looking for help. After a day of being turned away from one agency after another, she was beyond exhausted. Saying she was feeling down would be an understatement.

Filled with compassion and the love of Jesus, Team LIA went into action. Dan sat down and talked with her. He told her not to worry, God was in control and will take care of her. He told Martha and me her situation. All she had left from her personal belongings were there clothes she was wearing and one or two more clothing outfits.

After Debi and Lisa prayed with her and gave her a good meal, Dan, Mar…

Beautiful worship in Myanmar

Worshiping Jesus at Harvest Church-Myanmar
We experienced such beautiful worship today with our brothers and sisters in Myanmar. They truly love Jesus with all that’s within them and it shows in their worship.

This morning we were at Harvest Church-Myanmar, our home church in this beautiful country. With a mixture of praise and worship songs in Burmese and English, we worshiped our God. We lifted up a sacrifice of praise to God with a guitar and a keyboard, along with 100 or so beautiful voices.

There was such a beautiful, sweet and powerful presence of God during worship. God was in the house meeting the needs of His people. It was awesome, one of the most beautiful times of worship I’ve ever experienced.

The children sang a special song, and it was so sweet. The Grace Theological College (GTC) students also sang a special song. They have beautiful voices.

Martha shared her testimony and a great word of encouragement for our brothers and sisters. Then I preached about God’s Grace. I…