Monday, April 21, 2014

Spread the Gospel, break poverty cycle through education

Providing education scholarships for poor children in the Philippines who have no hope of receiving an education makes a huge difference win their lives and in the lives of their families.

A major problem in Third World nations is lack of education. Love In Action wants to help change that and provide education opportunities for children who have no hope for a better life.

Unlike in the U.S., children in most other countries are not promised an education. If their families cannot afford to pay tuition, they have no chance to receive an education. Without education, the cycle of poverty never has a chance to be broken.

Love In Action has witnessed success through education in the Philippines the past three years as we have provided sponsorships so children can attend school at our network of indigenous churches. These children are very smart, and afforded the opportunity, they prove it.

These schools are also for ministry. Our brothers and sisters in the Philippines teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their schools. Also, the parents of children receiving scholarships must open their homes to weekly Bible studies. Through the school ministry, hundreds of families have given their lives to Jesus Christ.

In Yangon, Myanmar, Love In Action has partnered with Grace Theological College. Our brothers and sisters have little to no resources, but do a great job of teaching and training young people through their four-year college and sending them out into the mission field of Myanmar when they graduate. That mission field is huge as more than 40 million people in that small nation have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Haiti, orphans are not only hungry for food, but they are starving for an opportunity to receive an education to break the cycle of extreme poverty. Our ministry partners, Give Us Hope Mission, do a great job of reaching the orphans with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bringing education to them. Like in the Philippines, these children are extremely smart, they just need a chance.

Children in the Philippines and Haiti have to pay to attend school. The government requires a fee no matter if the school is public or a church-operated school. Therefore we need to provide scholarships. For just $60, we can provide a child with an opportunity to receive an education and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Entire families can be saved through a small gift of $60.

In Myanmar, we can provide a student a college education for just 300 per year. Can you imagine college tuition costing just $300? That includes room and board and books. And, it’s a great education. Martha and I have met their students and seen their curriculum. The young people and the course work are very impressive.

School in the Philippines and Yangon begin in June, so we must act fast to meet our goals.

Here is our plan of action, and we need your help. We want to provide 100 scholarships to children in the Philippines and 20 for college students in Yangon. That’s only $6,000 to provide 100 children in the Philippines an education and just $6,000 to provide a college education and ministry training for students in Myanmar.

Also, we need to build two schools in the Philippines. For only cost $8,000, we can build those schools. We built one in Punta two years ago, and God continues to do great things through it. This year it will be expanded to become a secondary (elementary school) offering Jesus and an education to even more students, and therefore, more families.

Please help us. Families, individuals, churches, small groups and businesses can sponsor children and college students.  Please help by mailing your tax-deductible check to: Love In Action International Ministries, P.O. Box 85, Dothan, AL 36302. Please write “Philippines Scholarship” or “Myanmar Scholarship” on the memo of your check.

We will do the same for children in Haiti this summer as their school starts in September. We will let you know the costs and our goal this summer.

Thank you for helping us help the “least of these” as Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:35-40.

Friday, April 11, 2014

March report: God continues mighty work in Philippines

Here is a church we are building in an unreached area in the Philippines.
The location is being withheld for safety reasons due to radical Islamic groups in the area.
As they say in the Philippines, "Dalaygon ang Dios!" (Praise the Lord!). Our brothers and sisters on the Philippine island of Mindanao continue to do amazing work for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Below is the March report from our sponsored indigenous Pastors. As you can see, the Great Mindanao Revival continues. It is awesome what Jesus is doing there. Let's continue to pray for our brothers and sisters, and please pray about donating financially. We need to sponsor more pastors ($100/month), and build more churches.

We are also going to focus on doing more with education. A number of our pastors have schools at their churches. It is a wonderful way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children and their family. It also provides education to those who have no hope of obtaining an education. It's not like in the US where every child can receive an education. In the Philippines, if a family doesn't have the money to send their children to school, they aren't allowed to attend and will go uneducated.

We believe education is one of the most important steps of getting out of poverty. The more orphans and children from impoverished homes we can provide an education for, the fewer will grow up in extreme poverty and stop that vicious cycle.

We need to build schools and provide scholarships ($50/month). Please pray about what you can donate. Any amount will be a great blessing. Their new school year begins in June, so we don't have a lot of time.

Here's the March report. Praise Jesus with us as you read, and please pray over the prayer requests. The report is unedited, so it's in their own form of English, which is way, way ahead of my skills in Cebuano.

Pastor Jun Begafria, Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines:
137 got saved in the areas this week and 17 got baptized. 97 got saved in (This is and edit by Ken. I am deleting the name of the area due to safety reasons and protection from radical Islamic groups.) 21 decided to be baptized. How I wish you were here to personally witness and baptize these group of new believers. The Lord seems pleased to open greater opportunity for Gosepel preaching and church planting in these southern part of Mindanao
Prayer requests: light material buildings in southern Mindanao; three urgent provisions of church buildings in Zamboanga City; a mini bus for team evangelism; good sound system and outdoor speakers for crusades.

Pastor Greg Begafria, Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines:
To God be the glory this week there are 102 souls that got saved this week during our weekly door to door knocking and soul winning. Praise God there are some new opening for bible studies. One of the key men here in church has been making a bible study in our local PNP (Philippine National Police) and dalaygon ang Dios, the ministry extended to the police were great. Please help us in prayer that these policemen will get saved and served God.
Prayer request: This coming May, we are praying to have a Vacation Bible School for our 9 extension classes. We are praying that the children from the different extension classes will be able to join this 5 day activity.

Pastor JoJo Begafria, Leon B. Postigo, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines: church thanks and praises: 132 souls got saved, Bible studies at Philippine National Police- Leon B. Postigo, extension church at Barangay Datagan, start of construction of church building
coming activities: church anniversary this coming April 21
prayer requests: victory of coming church anniversary, souls that will get saved and financial provision

Pastor Roland Tigao, Ipil Heights, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines:church thanks and praises: 100 souls got saved, 3 boarding house Bible studies, 5 home Bible studies, 2 office Bible studies, 6 candidates for baptism
coming activities: church conference on April 17
prayer requests: victory for the coming conference, revival for the missionaries and participants, souls that will get saved and financial provision

Pastor Jerry Antipolo Poblacion, Siayan, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines:church thanks and praises: 87 souls got saved, 2 baptisms, 2 family Bible studies
coming activities: thanksgiving day this coming month of May
prayer requests: another site for church that has a cheaper rent, church lot and building

Pastor Dandy Begafria, Mabuhay, Molave, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines:church thanks and praises: 109 souls got saved, 4 establishment Bible studies, PNP Bible study, 4 home Bible studies, monthly preaching at Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program under the local government with almost 300 attendance, 8 prospects for baptism
church projects: church renovation
prayer requests: financial provision and more souls that will get saved

Pastor Nilo Tumubo, La Libertad, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines:church thanks and praises: 78 souls got saved, 4 family Bible studies, 5 candidates for baptism
prayer requests: Mabisa and Duhaylungsod Family to be baptized, church lot and church building, family protection, good health, wisdom and financial assistance for daily needs

Pastor Sardan Ragonio, Poblacion, Gutalac, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines:church thanks and praises: 64 souls got saved, Basketball ministry for young people, 4 Bible studies and 4 prospects for baptism
coming activities: Vacation Bible School for children within 3 barangays, church anniversary this coming july25
prayer requests: wisdom and power in preaching God's word and more souls that will get saved

Pastor Emmanuel Candia, Olutanga, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines:church thanks and praises: 56 souls got saved, 8 family Bible studies, PNP Bible study, 6 baptisms on April2, 2014
church project: church lot and completion of church building, motorcab, plastic chairs
prayer requests: loved ones will get saved and be baptized, family protection, 2 extension church at different barangays

Pastor Raffy Begafria, Poblacion, Tampilisan, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines:church thanks and praises: 87 souls got saved, 3 family Bible studies, 1 baptism, almost finish church building
church activity: church anniversarry this coming May 26-27
prayer requests: completion for church building and electrification and financial provision for coming church anniversary

Pastor Reyleojun Baricar, Poblacion, Jose Dalman, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines:church thanks and praises: 49 souls got saved, 2 family Bible studies, PNP Bible study, 1 extension class for children
prayer requests: wisdom and power in preaching God's word, souls that will get saved