Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's your excuse?

Have you had opportunities to tell people about Jesus, but didn't? What was your excuse? Was it embarrassment? Didn't know how to? Didn't think the time was right? Afraid of rejection?

Those are just some of many reasons people use as excuses not to witness about the Lord. We have all used those excuses or others. But there really is no excuse. If Jesus has saved our souls, there is no excuse known or unknown to man for not telling others and showing them through our lifestyle.

Let me share something that I hope will motivate you to tell others about Jesus. Many of you know my friend Rick. He is the guy who was run over by a freight train when he was homeless here in Dothan. God spared his life and Rick has not stopped talking about Jesus ever since then.

Due to the accident, he is confined to a wheel chair, though I believe through the healing power of God he won't always be in that condition. But nothing slows that man down. He keeps going for Jesus no matter what. He is one of the most remarkable men I have ever met.

A month ago something happened. His face and arms were swollen and he had chest pains. I took him to the ER and they couldn't find anything wrong. The next day he went for a check up. The doctor said she didn't know why that happened to him. Rick quickly said, "I do. I was suppose to tell you about Jesus." So he did, and ended up praying with her for her dad who was real sick in Birmingham.

Then this morning (Monday) Rick called me and said, "I hope I'm not bothering you. I just wanted call and tell you that I talked with a woman about Jesus for an hour this morning and she got saved." Then he invited her to church. Praise God!

The woman went to church with us tonight and had tears streaming down her face during the music and message. At the end she looked at Martha and said, "Thank you. That was just what I needed." Praise God!

Rick said it was all Jesus. He was right, but as we told him, he was obedient to God by telling that woman about Jesus. Let's be like Rick. Let's don't make excuses, even if we have what seems like a legitimate excuse like being run over by a freight train.

Tell someone about Jesus today and what He has done in your life. Once you do, you will want to tell others.